Tuesday, December 8, 2009

back... and pissed off as usual

Anyone that knows me knows how I feel about head shots. This issue is going to cause serious damage to the game if it isn't addressed in a manner more suited to the gravity of the situation. The latest unsuspended head shot came on Saturday, as Chicago played Pittsburgh.

Here's the issue: 1) So many people are rationalizing this hit because of who it's on. This logic is so bizarre it's sickening. Matt Cooke is a dirty player. No doubt about it. That means JACK SHIT!! The moment you start taking into account the reputation of the person who is attacked in the situation you send a dangerous message to the players "some of you are protected, some of you are on your own". The other issue here was Keith's motivation. Did Cooke take a run at him? Do something dirty? Nope. A clean hit as part of the play. Keith sees and opportunity to get in a cheap shot and takes it. Cooke never sees him coming and fortunately wasn't hurt. Maybe that's what needed to happen for the NHL to do something about this? Maybe Cooke needed a concussion? Maybe a broken neck? Either way, the only thing more gutless than Keith in this is the NHL and it's officials, for giving an 'elite' player a free shot at a guy who was recently suspended for the same thing. That isn't the kind of justice we need in hockey.

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